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Artfonica creates and develops useful and high-quality mobile applications in such categories as Education, Lifestyle and Reference.

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15 Responses

  1. blank Kiko says:

    Is fun

  2. blank Anonymous says:


  3. blank Sarah says:

    I love it

  4. blank good game says:

    That’s an awsome game .I luv it.

  5. blank lynng says:

    Having fun with app ty!

  6. blank MJ says:

    The apps well designed and I have a old version phone. However, it does apparently lacks instructions of which would be an issue to anyone thats a layman to smart phones or drawling. Otherwise keep up the good work add extra templates and a little extra sparkle to it and you should be the top app in your category.

  7. blank louki says:

    Very nice app. Good to lurn and a lot of fun

  8. blank tamar says:

    Love it fab

  9. blank Ayesha says:

    Really Easy to draw like I’m only In Y6 and it is really me become a true artist.

  10. blank aml says:

    This game is very interested and I think it’s very useful to any one who loves drawing and this program is one of my favorite hobbies.

  11. blank dave says:


  12. blank elvis says:

    Nice drawing app i like it. Great for beginners. My only problem is that there needs to be more things to draw i.e. Halo characters, Swords, Explosions, and more!

  13. blank Anonymous says:

    Draw superman that will be a good idea for your album full of pictures.

  14. Super man.
    Bat man.

  15. Ilike your app it s goo beginning but the only problem is that it is to hard to draw