How to draw a puppy

How to draw a puppy

Mark borders of the picture. Draw an upper circle for the head of the dog. Draw a bigger oval beneath. Schedule legs in front.

puppy drawing

Draw a head of the puppy. Start drawing ears at the sides and connect them with a curved upper line.

puppy how to draw

Outline the contours of the puppy.

draw a little puppy

Draw the first front leg.

how to draw a pup

Mark the second front paw.

small puppy drawing

Mark the hind paw.

how to draw a dog

Draw two small eyes at the sides and outline the muzzle of the puppy.

how to color a dog

Draw a heart-shaped nose and the line of the lower jaw.

How to draw a dog

Draw whiskers.

dog sketching

Add eyebrows by small slanted lines. Draw some lines to show fur.

puppy drawing

Draw paws in more detail.

How to draw a puppy

Add some tooth-like lines to show fur of the puppy.

How to draw a puppy

Drawing of the puppy is finished. Now you can start coloring it.

How to draw a cute puppy dog

Draw your puppy in white or beige, add more shades to show fur.