How to draw a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Car

How to draw a car pontiac

Draw several parallel lines to mark a size of the car. Draw several parallel lines in the perpendicular plane. Mark front and rear wheels.

how to draw a car step by step

To mark the bumper in front draw a line going down and then going up at a high angle.

drawing a pontiac

Continue to draw the contours of the car body. First, draw a vertical line which then goes up at a high angle.

Draw a pontiac step by step

Draw the line of the roof.

How to draw a car - pontiac firebird pan am

Outline contours of the car body. Draw semi-circle lines to outline wheels and a slanted horizontal line at the bottom that will connect two wheels.

Drawing of a pontiac

Draw bow-shaped lines on the car body for the front wheel.

How to draw pontiac cars

Repeat the same for the second wheel.

draw a pontiac firebird trans am

Draw a windscreen and a side glass window of the pontiac.

drawing pontiac firebird trans am by steps

Mark the front headlights of the car.

pontiac trans am drawing step by step

Add some more lines to outline details.

How to sketch a pontiac firebird

Continue drawing a bumper.

How to draw american cars pontiac

Draw two almost parallel lines to separate the hood of the car.

Pontiac drawing in pictures

Draw the interior design of the pontiac.


Divide the roof into two parts with a line. Outline the side-glass window and draw a rear view mirror.

pontiac forebird drawing step by step

Mark the car door and trunk of the car.

How to draw a pontiac car

Draw several lines on the hood to add more details.

pontiac drawing by steps

Draw a pattern on the wheel disk of the car.

pontiac drawing

Mark the same pattern on another wheel disk of the pontiac.

how to draw a pontiac

Draw the hood badge on the hood of the pontiac. It is a well-known firebird.


Your pontiac firebird is almost ready. Now you can paint it.

drawing of a pontiac in steps

Paint the car in metallic colors: black, silver, gray.